Thursday, November 10, 2011


A lovely story about modern architecture.

1920s.. Le Corbusier's white boxes, flat roofs of those boxes,

 - probably the first ever building with a flat roof in Estonia was built in the late 20s by an Estonian modernist architect. The whole of Estonia laughed about him as people just couldn't understand such stupidity. A gable roof gets rid of rain and snow itself, but a flat roof? Will the architect hire slaves for shovelling snow? - 

all white interiors, maximum functionality etc etc etc is a sentence's pigtail and skyscrapers.
The coolest intwerwar European skyscraper -  and a masterpiece of modern architecture - was Building No 21 in Zlin in Czech Republic.

It was a 16-storey office of a shoe factory. The boss of this company happened to be a fan of functionalism as well, so he ordered his office to be built inside an elevator! If there was a problem on the 3rd floor.. he was there. Oh no! Someone calling from the 9th... Gotta go!

Kaja Kann from the Lift.

(Oh, by the way, if You're planning to stay in Tallinn for a little while 
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