Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Exceptional!" (Daily Courier), "Bloody hell!" (Tallinn Times), "An Unexpected Eyeopener" (Old Town News), "A Definite Blockbuster!" (TTV)

I just witnessed Heine Avdal's, Brynjar Bandlien's and Fabrice Moniet's performane named "Field Works - hotel".

I havn't experienced something that authentic for a long time. I beg You to get Yourself a ticket if there are any left.

As I said in my last post, this performance is meant for a sole spectator at a time. I would love to write an essay about it,  but I have to rush to the next performance. And before the next performance takes over my emotions I just had to write down something on it.


Oh yes.. All those thousands of hotel rooms in our lives. Even if most of them appear in movies they still form a great part of our understanding of rooms as such. Rooms with great capital RRRRs. Argh! Which one is Your favourite hotel room? Which one do You remember most explicitly? Which one do You see in Your dreams? Which one was haunted? (The one I just saw was saw was saw warsaw yes in warsaw there was one without walls). Which one would You recommend?


Dear artists, thank You for the experience! 

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