Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beide Messies. The Last Salon I: Shem’s view

I made friends with Andreas at the breakfast table. "So what do You do?" I asked.
"I try to survive in Berlin," he answered.

Is it that hard to be the one who knows how to make people feel good?


Some years ago in Tartu in a second hand shop. In steps gentleman with at least 80 years 
on his shoulders. Goes through the ties section and.. Gotcha! 
Takes his new tie to the salesperson and proudly reports: "One thousand two hundred thirty fourth!"
And the blatant answer?

A song with a rhyme and beat as simple as the heartbeat always helps.

Every now and then someone needs to explain the pictures to the dead rabbits.
This one was a tour de force for every dead rabbit around.

And our Lord regretted!

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